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Re: sarcoids


I didn't know what a sarcoid was until my horse got one.  It
looks like a skin tumor, black and kind of dry and scaly.  I
don't know if they can look different.  The next time you
have your vet out have him take a look.  They're really just
an annoying blemish although if they develop where tack will
rub it can be a problem.


>Our stallion started out with a small bump on his butt and
has since (last
>6-8 months) developed 2 more of similar size in the
shoulder area, nothing
>that interferes with tack, thank goodness.  They do not get
larger but I am
>concerned that he developed more after the first one.  Are
these sarcoids
>or melanomas and what should I do about them?

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