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Re: RC: Re: Upcoming Elections & Bylaw

I don't have time to argue philosophy, so someone else is going to have to
take this up if it is going to go on.  I have tried to add some
information into the discussion that seemed to be of concern. I will
answer your specific issues.  Maybe some of the BOD or Rules or LD
Committee people have some answers.  I don't know if they are on ridecamp,
but I'm sure if you have questions or concerns they will be happy to talk
to you about it.

> From: Lynette Helgeson < 
> > The 'under 25 mile' division is not placed or judged at all.  It is
> > Completion Only. They will have the normal vet criteria and checks.
> There must be some guidelines, like a certain time limit in
> order to complete. 
You copied my quote, but apparently didn't read it. 'normal vet criteria
and checks'.  The WHOLE POINT of AERC sanction for the shorter distances
IS the Guidelines.

> And you can't tell me that there is not going to be people who
> get caught > up in the whole idea of it and not race the whole way.
> are going
Yep, human nature.  It will never change and it doesn't matter if it is a
quarter mile or 5000.  At least with AERC Sanction, you *have* the
guidelines, and some amount of structure and control.

> Having shorter > distances without > rules is dangerous. > > 
We seem to be in total agreement.  That is why I support the 0-49.

> How many people looking at doing a 13 or 15 mile ride are going
> to condition > and learn to pace at home? How many of those people are
> going to make > an effort to even learn about conditioning and pacing? 
A LOT!! 
Of the 20++ that have already signed up, I have probably spent 40-80??? or
more hours on the phone and email (not to mention, in person) with many of
them over the last couple of months, fine tuning what they have been
working on.  There are several different groups of friends, and several
stables that have been working together, doing training rides, checking
P/Rs, and there have been lots of show and pleasure horses picketed
overnight in the last week or so.

> A open > free for all with minimal rules could be disastrous. 
Like I said, we seem to be in agreement.

Becky Huffman
Huffman's Arabians, ~ The Original Series ~

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