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Instructions at ride meetings

I'm also a greenie (have done limited CTR to this point) and have been
reading this thread with interest.

If you don't know what you're doing, leave your horse at home and go
help the ride manager with the ride. It's actually a lot of fun. Do this
as many times as you need to. When you're comfortable with the rules,
the ridecamp, how things are run, etc. THEN bring your horse. Your
decision whether or not to ride the horse the first time he sees a
ridecamp. What's the big hurry?

I have learned SO much just hanging out and helping out. I've made great
friends whom I'm sure will continue to offer their assistance.

After helping with rides, I say leave the poor ride managers alone!
They're doing their best. It's a volunteer effort. A lot of figuring
this sport out involves saddle time. The RM's do what they can to make
things safe and fun, but it's REALLY up to the rider. Take some
responsibility for yourself and your horse!

It IS a sport. It's not like backyard volleyball. You need to know the
rules and how things work before you jump in. Everyone was a newbie
once. They all figured it out. We "greenies" will too.

My 2 cents about CTR: it IS a great place to learn how to take care of a
distance horse. The rules can be annoying, but you can't place unless
your horse is well-conditioned and well taken care of.

And, we all must remember, to finish is to win! Ask anyone who's been


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