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Jim Oury

Howard <> said:
> Those of you quoting statutes and paragraphs from various
> law publications regarding law suits need to know one thing.
> A lawyer needs a client to make money.  If we started taking
> away all the clients, maybe we could save our civil judicial
> system from itself and those who run it...

The thing is, it may not even be Jim Oury's decision.
The "client" who decides to sue for compensatory damages may
be Jim's health and/or disability insurance company.

I just acquired a new health insurance plan.  Part of the
agreement is that I must cooperate fully in any legal action
the insurance company elects to take to regain what it had
to spend on me.

In the face of such cold-blooded corporate decision making
(Is a law suit a net revenue-producing proposition for the
company?  That is, can the company regain more money in a
settlement than it will cost then to proceed with this
law suit>), fair play and the future good of endurance
don't even signify.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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