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Re: law stuff (was Jim Oury)

I agree that it's nothing to get worked up over (and I'm not.... I'm sure
Howard is a good guy).  Please just understand that sometimes it's hard to
"lighten up" when literally day-in and day-out people say the most
gawd-awful insulting and rude things to you, personally. It is often one of
the first things out of someone's mouth when the first meet you and find out
you are a lawyer (or in my case a law student). Most of the time, I just let
things roll by as people generally don't even realize they're being rude or
insulting and don't intend to be; it's kind of a reflex to say something bad
about lawyers when the subject comes up.  But, every now and then it seems
worth it to say something (kind of a "ahem", excuse me, throat-clearing sort
of thing), so I did.


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> > Sorry, I don't think we should just get accustomed to lawyer bashing.
> > This is a sore subject for me.  I worked my butt off putting myself
> > through college and law school and when I swore to uphold the law, I
> > meant it.  Stupid as it sounds, I really try to use my license to
> > practice law to help people and I get irked by comments like Howard's.
> > Lawyer jokes are one thing, but the desire to exclude lawyers from rides
> > and certain groups needs to be addressed, just as any other prejudice
> > should be addressed.
> Lighten up.  Howard was not implying that lawyers should not be allowed to
> ride endurance or attend rides as spectators!  What a ridiculous
> misundersatnding. I believe he was saying that we should keep the "sue
> 'em" mentality out of our hobbies. And I agree 100%.
> Glenda (who worked as a paralegal for 13 years and has many
>        attorney-frneds)
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