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Hi John!
    My 7 yo arab gelding does the same thing (right hind though).  A vet I very much respect says he may have a sore hock (I"m getting it xrayed soon).  My farrier, whom I also very much respect, discussed this horse with the above vet for 40+ minutes long distance during which they came up with a shoeing solution.  I opted not to go for it for the time being because other than the wear on the shoe, the horse exhibits no signs of offness or soreness.  The farrier says that he is built tight behind and that, mechanically, he has to lift his hoof out first and then bring it back in more than a horse whose hind feet are farther apartto begin with.
    I'm taking a wait and see approach but I am getting a baseline xray of the hock.
Happy trails, Laney
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