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John -

Which side of the road are you riding/driving on?  If the right side,
then it's likely the crown of the road that's wearing the outside branch
of the LH shoe.  Rather than make a shoeing correction, I'd rather make
a riding correction, since the crown of the road affects every joint
from the ground up, and stresses the LH leg differently than the RH.


"John B.Ayers" wrote:
> My 8YO Arab gelding slides his left rear foot
> as he puts it down. This causes the outside
> portion to wear much more rapidly than the
> other feet.
> What corrective shoeing might I try to correct
> it? I have a new farrier that's doing four point or
> natural shoeing and he's due here Thursday.
> We do have trailers on both rear feet. Can anyone
> explain the purpose of "trailers"?
> John and Meshack
> (Vermont Equestrian Activities)

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