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re: Upcoming Elections & Bylaw

We are having an AERC sanctioned 15 mile ride in conjunction with our
other distances at the October 9th, Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch. 
Response has been tremendous.  People are very excited about the
opportunity to come out and 'give it a try'.  They understand that they
will not receive any career miles or points, and are riding for
completions only.  I have many long time endurance riders who are bringing
interested neighbors, relatives, friends.... people have been 'interested'
in endurance for a long time, but never did take the jump to start at 25

I really think the ability to be more versatile with sanctioned mileage's
will be a wonderful advantage to Ride Managers, Newbies, Returning Rehabs,
and People with limited time, abilities or desire.  Also, remember that
Sanctioning Directors have to approve each distance, so I would hope that
the extreme and ridiculous could be avoided.  

Another consideration the 0-49 definition gives us the ability to purchase
LIABILITY INSURANCE for the shorter events, since they now fall under the
AERC umbrella.  I think it is a better definition, if we use the shorter
distances or not.

Becky Huffman #6826
Huffman's Arabians, ~ The Original Series ~

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