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Biltmore Mountin' Hopes (short)

Just back.

1st. Margaret Rogers
2nd. Nikki Young (on her gray)
3rd. Duane Barnett on Sassy
4th.  Harry Parker
5th Marilyn Horstmeyer
6th. Angie McGhee & Kaboot
7th Joan Rash on Misha  (she's Bluebird's wife)
8th Ruth Ann Everitt  on Zorro

not sure about 9th, I think Thomas Isaac was 10th on Jeb Stuart
Pam Meadows 11th.
Ashley Creswell (my niece) & Gretchen Fitzpatrick tied for 12th

That's all I can tell ya.  VERY DRY, rockier than usual.

Kaboot was grade 1 at the finish, a bruise I hope.  Didn't feel a thing
on the trail, no swelling today.  Looked fine on circles on grass this
morning, but trotted lame on gravels at home.  At the final vet check I
thought I'd hang around and let the vets try to isolate it and while I
waited I think every horse I saw (at least 5) was grade 1.  It was pretty

Bekki Crippen and Buddy did the 25 but went over time (6:30)  Wish I'd
made sure they announced her name anyway.  That would have been all that
mattered to her.  At my ride I always recognize those who finish but are
over time, but I forget that not everybody does that.  I was afraid she
got off trail once anyway, I'll explain it tomorrow in a longer post. 
Buddy looked great.  

I'll try to write something better tomorrow.

Angie and Kaboot
"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him think!"

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