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MSM / Glucosamine Sulfate

McClain wrote:
> I have a knee with an old injury...t is painful to ride very
> 5 miles or more...I would sure welcome any suggestions anyone
> have on how to reduce knee strain, tricks with leathers,
> braces,ect.

Lucy Chaplin Trumball wrote:

> You could try taking glucosamine/chondroitin and MSM (this is
> what I've just started, in despair of anything else working).
> You get to try and swallow lots of pessary sized pills every day.
> I'll let you know if it seems successful - I'm only a week or so
> into this experiment.

Hi Lucy,

I already sent this privately to Sherrie, but when I read your
post decided to post to the List to see if it could help more
people ...

I don't have bad knees, but I do have a bad shoulder from a nasty
accident a couple of years ago.

When I started having a huge amount of paralyzingly painful
muscle spasms + deep-seated pain in general in my arm & shoulder,
the meds my orthopedist prescribed (Motrin and Darvocet-N 100 and
Flexoril) didn't work at all and wouldn't touch the pain or stop
the spasms.  My chiropractor told me to take MSM + Glucosamine
Sulfate + Ginger every day, and to keep it iced 20 minutes on, 1
hour off, repeatedly whenever it was really bad.

I've been doing this for a month now and it has worked really
really well for me.  You can buy the MSM/Glucosamine
Sulfate/Ginger in a single preparation at the health food store
-- it works much better than Motrin and has really stopped the
inflammation and related problems.  I would strongly recommend
the combination -- but please be sure to add the Ginger (which
not only is excellent for anti-inflammatory but is also great for
digestive upset, nausea, etc. and thus makes an excellent "travel
companion").    Although I'm going to have surgical repair again
next month, the routine my chiropractor has me on has helped
enormously with the healing process so that the surgery will be
far less complicated than it would have been otherwise.  And the
orthopedic specialist who will be doing the surgery says he's
initiating research into the MSM/Glucosamine/Ginger combination
because he's been hearing such good things about it from other
patients as well ...

Just a thought ...

Susan Young Silberman
Micanopy, Florida

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