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Re: RC: MSM / Glucosamine Sulfate

Susan Young Silberman wrote:

> Lucy Chaplin Trumball wrote:
> When I started having a huge amount of paralyzingly painful
> muscle spasms + deep-seated pain in general in my arm & shoulder,
> the meds my orthopedist prescribed (Motrin and Darvocet-N 100 and
> Flexoril) didn't work at all and wouldn't touch the pain or stop
> the spasms.  My chiropractor told me to take MSM + Glucosamine
> Sulfate + Ginger every day, and to keep it iced 20 minutes on, 1
> hour off, repeatedly whenever it was really bad.
> I've been doing this for a month now and it has worked really
> really well for me.

Here's the forbidden "me, too" but I've been taking MSM/Glucosamine for
arthritis in my right shoulder.  Shoulder was so bad that I couldn't even
sleep on that side at night.  I got relief from the VERY FIRST DAY of
taking the MSM.  Can buy it at WalMart.  A 45 day supply is about $12.  I
wouldn't be without it now.  Dr. had wanted me on a Rx for life and it
didn't do any good.  However, one of the cautions of the Rx was to stay
out of sun.  Yeah, right.


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