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Re: Supplement to improve hooves

Mustad makes a product called Tuff Stuff which we recommend and apply as a
freebie after shoeing and rasping.  It protects the periople and also will
fill sand cracks and keep them from becoming larger as well as filling old
nail holes between also will run down into the nail when it's
in the hole and we believe it truly helps a shoeing last better.  I use
that once or twice a week and apply Mollimentum around the coronet band and
bulbs, especially when they are dry.  The Tuff Stuff does help seal in
moisture as well as keep out too much.  We have had good luck with it and
finally started carrying it to sell to our customers as they couldn't
always find it in the tack stores.  Good luck.  Also, some of our clients
use HT 20 as a feed supplement.  It's amazing.  I am going to get some and
try it on my gelding with the crappy hooves (even farriers have horses with
crappy hooves!!).  Actually his hooves have improved since he has been on
oil but he still doesn't grow as much as I'd like to see so that's why I
want to try it.  Our client who uses it has to have her horses reset at 4-5
weeks!  Another client also uses Hoof by ABCs and we have to reset her
quite often as well.  
Maggie (the farrier's wife)
Michigan (I am trying to remember)

> From: Tracey Zellmann <>
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> Subject: RC:  Supplement to improve hooves
> Date: Friday, September 03, 1999 10:36 AM
> My quarter horse seems to have soft hooves. My farrier has recommended
> ointment, which I apply to the top two inches of the hoof three times
each week.
> This will probably keep the hooves more supple, but I don't think it will
> improve the basic toughness. I am overwhelmed by the choices in all the
> and supply stores. What supplements have you found useful and successful
> toughening hooves?
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