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Saddles and fitting problems

Well, I have finally decided I need a new saddle.  I have been riding Alpine 
in a Blue Ribbon close contact jumping saddle because that is what I had, and 
it fit him.  Until I started conditioning for endurance.  It seems that when 
your horse starts to get in shape, his back muscles get bigger, hence the 
non-fit of the saddle.  

Alpine is a Paso, and therefore is rather narrow, which was fine because my 
saddle has a narrow tree.  We have outgrown it.  The dry spots under the 
saddle have finally convinced me it's time to break down and go shopping.  So 
off I headed to Rusty Stirrup today.  I now have in my barn a Collegiate 
Athena saddle.  Anyone here know anything about them?  It only has one flap, 
and the girth goes around the saddle, under the seat.  It's tree is wider 
than mine.  I rode Alpine around the block with it, and the difference was 
amazing.  He easily bend around my leg, rounded down on to the bit, and 
stretched (previously hard to convince him to do!).  Guess the saddle was 
definatly in need of replacing!

Does anyone know anything about these saddles for endurance riding?  It is 
considered an all purpose, but with VERY dressage tendencies.  It has D-rings 
for stuff and it does fit the horse pretty well.  What are the drawbacks to a 
one flap saddle?  the good things?  Anyway, I have taken up enough of your 
time and attention!  Any comments would be appreciated!

Juli and Alpine (mom, I LOVE the new saddle...nice and comfy!)

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