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got new horse got a new quarter crack

Howdy campers I will make this short and sweet. I have a new addition to the 
Lawson household. We haven't given her a name yet... Please no 
reccommendations this is hubbys issue. She has a quarter crack about 1 inch 
below the coronet band. No limping it happend in the trailer. We have her in 
a stall now, very lite exercise it is on the front left on the outside of 
the hoof. The crack is beginning to come over the front of the hoof. Any 
Carla(jelous of hubbys new ride)& Baru (I am got a new buddy I got a new 
and a New Beginning rider my hubby Rob (thinking of a starwars name to call 
my horse) and ??????? (can i rub my head on your jeans again?)

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