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1973 Bitterroot Competitve Trail Ride

I was reading a Dec. 1973 issue of Western Horseman magazine 
and came across some interesting information.

In the monthly column, 'Riding The Trails'.  And I quote--

"The eighth annual Bitterroot Competitive Trail Ride was held
August 23, 24, and 25 at Hamilton, Montana.  Due to extreme
fire hazards, the ride this year had to be held in the lower foothills
usually reserved for the second day's 20-mile portion of the ride.  
Both the first day's 40 miles and the second day's 20 miles were
ridden over rolling terrain on the ranch owned by Margit Bessenyey.

First in the lightweight division went to Idell Moore of Ledger, Mont., 
riding her Appaloosa gelding, Skookum Parcheko. First place 
in the junior division went to Heidi Smith of Boise, Ida., riding
a part Arab.  

Winner of the Rocky Mountain Grand Championship was Bill Wakefield
of West Jordan, Utah.  Reserve Champion, Bitterroot Trail Ride, was
Belle McGregor of Hamilton, Montana.

Judges were Alexander Mackay-Smith of Middleburg, Va, editor
of the Chronicle Of The Horse, a Mr. Jeffres of Seville, Spain,
Jack Ward, D.V.M., of Hamilton, Mont., D.P. Hatfield, D.V.M., of
Victor, Mont., and R.J. Brophy, D.V.M., of Hanilton, Montana.

Ride secretary is Mrs. Dorothy Robinson, RR 1, Corvallis, Mont. 59828."

There is also a picture of Bill Wakefield riding his Arabian stallion,

Is this RideCamp's own Heidi Smith?


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