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Re: RC: Howard's GERA/ part three

Howard wrote....

>Nobody wants to walk and I guess that's going to be the pace set all day.  I 
pass a few riders but don't want to take the lead of the group.  I just know 
Dance will burn 
himself out and I hate trying to follow the ribbons anyway.<

Dear Howard,

I love your stories also... and very much enjoy laughen' and 'ride'n with you 
(so to speak), but just a small recommendation.... Even though you hate to 
follow those ribbons... if you let everyone else look for them for you all 
the time... there will be a time you'll regret it.... Trust me I followed "MY 
MOTHER".... (lol, glad she is not online to see this) yes my own mother...   
If you don't feel like looking for every single ribbon, just keep an eye out 
to see one every now and then...

Happy Trails... 
Have a great time with Dance, he sounds like fun... Have to love them there 
Tall ones.
Jinnifer &"Savage"

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