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I have been reading all the comments about breeders and throw away horses. 
Try living around the Navajo nation.  I got one of my horses from the local 
animal control for $150.  Granted she doesnt have a pedigree, but she turned 
out to be a  gaited three year old in foal and broke to ride.  the foal is 
very nice looking and appears to be very well bred.  The mare was impounded 
but the animal control because she was running loose in the city cemetary.  
No one reclaimed her so she was put up for sale.  Our animal control 
impounds horses on a regular basis because they are just left to wander on 
the reservation and when they get hungry they come to town to eat the green 
grass from peoples lawns. At least most of theose breeders find some way to 
care for thier cull horses.

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