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job in So. Cal w/ your horse

Jonni Jewell
If you are in So. California, preferably near the San Fernando Valley, and
want to have a job where your horse earns his feed money, read on!

I do a mounted patrol job at a shopping mall on weekends. We are currently
looking for more riders. Then, from Thanksgiving to New Years, we need
riders everyday of the week. You and your horse must pass a test. Horse will
be tested on basic sensory and reactions to many things. (bouncing balls,
smoke, fireworks, kids noisy toys, silly string etc.) You will be tested on
basic riding ability. This is not a security job. We are a courtesy patrol,
that answers questions, gives directions etc. to the customers. Also, the
kids come pet the horses. The pay is pretty good, and you choose the days
you are available. You must have access to a trailer to transport your
horse. The mall is in West Hills, of the San Fernando Valley. (the company
has other malls nationwide, I can give you more info if needed.)All breeds are welcome, though they will tell you that Arabians normally do not test well. That is why we had FOUR different Arabs working our mall last year. (Not ALL Arabs are silly and goofy<grin>)

If this sounds at all interesting, please e-mail me direct, and I can get
more info to you. Sorry to the others on Ridecamp that this is not a trail riding post, but how many
jobs pay you to ride your horse?? Again, please reply direct to me, as I am currently unsubscribed from the list.

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