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National Championship

Mike Everett
I think we should all be grateful for all the many individuals that created the National Championship ride!!! Every member had the opportunity to qualify and represent their region. By not having to go out and do a bunch of rides to qualify made this championship economical for everyone. I think this format serves the general membership as a whole as well as any format that could be used. The most important aspect of this ride should be to allow our grass roots members an opportunity to qualify and compete head on affordably! To compare what we need to do for our membership to what the elitest thoroughbred people do is rather ignorant. I say keep it simple and give all members a chance to qualify. I'm not sure of the numbers, but I would guess there were about as many in N.M. and there was at the Old Dominion. I am  very proud of my fellow S.E. rider Susan Kasemeyer for winning her N.C. on her horse that has over 6,000 miles. She is a true national champion endurance rider in the purest form. The best golfer doesn't always win the Masters. The best team does not always get to the Super Bowl. But the ones that get to the dance have a chance! I qualified in the heavy weight division but my horse got an abscess and I could not go. A big thanks to all the board of directors and to all who participate on our various committees for creating a National Championship that gives all a true chance to qualify. Let us ride....really ride. Mike Everett

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