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Re: RC: scissor snaps -Reply


I agree about the Stubben--I have one I've ridden in for years, too,
although I did find that mine was too narrow and so was a little unbalanced.
At the same time, until the Sports Saddle came out, I never found one that
fit better.  I could and did, once, ride with the girth so loose I could get
my fist between it and Sun's barrel.  That loose was a mistake--left a VC
having forgotten to tighten the girth--going down the mountain I had that
feeling you get when a tire on your truck is going flat--but the saddle
stayed put 'til I could find a wide place in the trail to hop off and
    In terms of learning to ride w/o reins, I learned because I bought a
bosel.  They are so fierce, you have to ride w/o leaning on the reins.  Your
way is better--easier on everyone.  Of course, the other handy hint is to
shop for horses with long, thick manes--for emergencies.
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> This isn't about the scissor snaps, this is to the woman with the saddle
> I swear by Stubben.  Got my first (and only) stubben when I was 12, with
my first horse, a TB/Quarter cross gelding.  The saddle is now 17 years old
and still going strong, looks practically brand new, and I'm abusive to
saddles.  It's fit, remarkably, everything from Arabs to TBs.  It never
sores a horse and wears like a glove.  Gets a little slippery after years of
use, but nothing that a sheepskin seat cover can't fix.
> The Stubben does not provide alot of security, but enough to make you
learn to balence from the hips and keep your weight in your heel.  A good
way to develop your seat and balance is to have a friend lunge your horse
while you ride it with the saddle, but no reins and no stirrups.  Ride with
an english saddle too, and make sure you can ride the horse at all three
gaits with your arms out-stretched to your sides, again - no reins , no
> This method will teach you how to develoe your seat and balence without
relying on your handle bars (reins).  It's challenging, but well worth it,
you'll feel alot more confident when you get the reins and stirrups back.
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