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Not Me!

Looking at the info on the Swanton 100 Ride, I saw that "SHAW" was in
6th place much of the day and I don't want anyone to be confused with
which one that was....Michele was riding Cougar's Clown not Steve Shaw
(he was just crew!) They finished a strong 6th place and Michele
remarked that if it was a 150 mile race that she (Clown) would have kept
going. :) It is so much fun to share a good horse with a good rider.

I did that another time when I lent Ruzstlaw (BUGS) to Julie Suhr for a
50 mile ride and she finished very well, 9th place? Bugs is the younger
brother of her great horse that finished Tevis in top ten so many times.

What was his name and how many Haggin Cups did he win?

This year's Swanton 100 was another GREAT ride with beautiful terrain,
great food, much camaraderie and a very competitive field. I sure hope
that this ride continues for the next 100 years.

Steve Shaw

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