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Brian Reeves Reward Fund

The $1,000 reward fund for the finder of Brian Reeves' lost horse has been 
collected and will be forwarded to the man who found the horse.  He has said 
that he will refuse the reward. However, Brian has chosen to send it to him 
anyway and tell him that he can donate to his favorite charity or  use it 
some way in his community.  Brian and Goofy are both home safe and sound and 
deeply appreciative of the efforts made on their behalf.
The following people made the reward possible:
Becky Glaser
Shirley Delsart
Jennifer Layman
Susan Allison Cheng
Linda B. Merims
Catherine Cannon
Maryben Stover
Karen Chaton
Mike Maul
Jerry & Bernita Barfield
Eric & Kathy Thompson
Lif & Paul Strand
Nancy Elliot, DVM
Ken Cook
Bob and Julie Suhr

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