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Re: RC: Steel Featherlites


I ordered an 18' g/n stock with a 4' dressing room (6' wide because I
remember a lot of twisty mountain roads to trailheads).  The dressing room
opens on the driver's side.  On curbside, there is an exit door w/ a 4'
wide, 5' tall ramp so I can haul horses in the front and hay or whatever in
the rear compartment.  There is a full door and 5' tall ramp at the rear.
It won't be ready until 11/15 so with my luck I will be "boarding" it at the
dealer until we get a thaw so I can get it over the 7% grade into my valley.
Anyway, I took a lot of advice from other Ridecampers--for example, I'm
getting a 24" door between the dressing room and the front horse area so I
can use that space while we're camping.  I'm also planning to look into
getting the interior "rhino" lined and getting the dressing room insulated
at a body shop.  That's the dream.  The reality---to be continued.

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> Hi Dyane,
> Could you share with me about the steel trailer, I have been toying with
> of buying a Dixie gooseneck which is steel with a wood floor and a whole
> cheaper than the steel/alum or all aluminum ones that just about everyone
> getting these days.  I have to buy a truck to pull it with to so I have to
> watch my budget.  I have a small 2 horse now that has a iron frame and it
> does require some maintance so I guess I could stand another one to fight
> rust on.  I didn't know featherlite made them, weren't they one of the
> ones to come out or maybe be the ones who started the aluminum ones?  Let
> know what you've found out, please.
> Sandy

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