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Cosequin Event Fees Increase FROZEN... 12 days only !!!

Cosequin Event Management
Scheduled Event Fee increases which were implemented on August 18'th have been rolled back following competitor comments and a VTC Board meeting today.

In the interest of fairness to all potential last minute competitors, event management has frozen the August 18'th scheduled fee increase. The pre-increase fees will be honored for 12 days or until an event is deemed to be filled by management. This will result in a significant savings to those few who have not entered yet. (We will of course refund the diff to those who have paid the higher fees)

Visit our web site (link also available on Endurance Net's main page) and click on Entry for the full details.


Make sure that you check back on our web over the next three days or so, we anticipate some rather exciting news for those of you that have desired to compete in the FEI 100 Mile Event but, FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER, did not think they were eligible.


LATE BREAKING INFO... I was just informed today that the TOP 5 COSEQUIN 100 FEI FINISHERS will be evaluated (i.e. considered) for invitation to compete in an exclusive $100,000 event held in the UAE.
Check our ride desciption on our site's main page AFTER 10:00 AM EST MONDAY AUGUST 30'th for more info on this.

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