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Re: RC: G.E.R.A. Classic

>Angie did not win best condition. Bud Benson from Clayton, N.C. won
>best condition and came in sixth place. I am proud th=
>at he won not only because he is my brother-in-law but because I sold
>him his horse! 

I didn't say BC, I said I got high vet score.  Bud's horse was awesome.
Bud outweighed me by 50 lbs. finished not too far back (less than 20
minutes, just a guess) and his horse looked great at the trot out.  On
the third loop when the horses got sort of out of control going down a
hard packed road, I was really fighting with Kaboot because I felt like
he was running away.  I looked over and Bud's horse was still TROTTING! 
If you have any more like him I know several heavyweights who'll be on
your doorstep tomorrow!


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