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Re: RC: Re: Fat Pac

You know, for the last few days I've been reading about people feeding fat to 
their horses to keep weight on them, etc.  I have laughed the whole time.  
Alpine is my first horse, and I'm suitably paranoid about him for that reason 
(I'm told it's the curse of all first time horse owners!).  We never have, 
and never will have a problem keeping weight ON!  This is a horse that eats 
about 2 pounds of feed twice daily with a flake of coastal hay.  His pasture 
is basically non-existant.  I have recently began to wonder if he HAS ribs!  
I can't find them.  Anyone want to fatten up a horse, send them to me!  I 
have single-handedly put close to 100 # on my roommates previously 
hard-to-keep-weight-on Thoroughbred!  I do have a theory however....I think 
it has something to do with hanging around me.  I can look at a cookie and 
gain five pounds, and I feel that the horses have gained my metabolism by 
association!  It's a shame that doesn't work the other way around!

Juli Bechard and Alpine-little palomino paso fino

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