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Re: RC: What I meant... AERC Champ....


I think the "idea" of a National Championship ride is a good one but the 
devil is in the details.  I don't know about the PAC but since Tevis is 
always at the same time (roughly) every year, then it would make sense to me 
to not schedule the Championship ride within a month of it.  Regardless of 
whether an individual thinks the Tevis is no big deal, it is the "granddaddy" 
of our sport and deserves its spot on the ride calendar.  Same for the OD in 
the East.  Scheduling the Nat'l Champ. ride to NOT interfere with these types 
of rides would make sense to me.  Get a weekend that everyone can associate 
as the weekend for the NC ride (i.e., the full moon closest to end of 
Sept/beginning of Oct).  I am just guessing on the date as I suppose you 
would want it close to the end of the ride season.  If it was in Oct/Nov then 
the ride location would almost HAVE to be in the South and I assume the 
membership would want it to rotate to different regions.

I do agree with Heidi and others that we need to have a points type champion 
and as many kinds of awards (champions) as possible.  I also agree that we 
should be promoting the BC champion as much as any other award.

Melanie in AZ

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