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Adequan and tendon sheaths?

We did the ultrasound on Blue's right rear yesterday
and he's got inflamation and swelling in the tendon

My question is does anyone out there have any experience
treating tendon sheath inflamation with Adequan IM?

I have been thinking for years that Adequan IM won't do
anything for tendons and maybe that's true... but what
about tendon sheaths?

The vet indicated that I should give Blue Adequan... which
I'm not opposed to since I worry about his joints over a long
endurance carreer (knock on wood) anyways... but she was
wanting me to give this to help reduce the inflamation in
the tendon sheath.  I got the impression though it was kinda
like the magnet thing... like one horse one time got a LOT
better and the owner just happened to give that horse
Adequan IM.

Not that I don't trust the vet, mind you.

So, please, if you've had experience using Adequan IM for
tendon sheath inflamation or have any qood annecdotes, I'd
love to hear them.  Blue and I will be out the rest of this
year, but we should be back in fine shape next year.  There
was some really minor indication that the inside branch of
the right rear suspensory got pulled a bit, but no white lines
or obvious tears thank goodness!  Just an impression that the
area wasn't quite a smooth as it should be.  And some pretty
obvious inflamation of the tendon sheath.

Thanks in advance!

:) - Kat Myers or
with Magnum the TB ex-racer
and Mr Maajistic... aka Fire Mt. Weasel

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