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On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 17:05:01 EDT, wrote:

>In a message dated 08/25/1999 10:53:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> writes:

> How many people will ruin horses trying?
>  >>

>My guess would be a lot!!!

Why?  We didn't "ruin horses trying" back when it was
total-points-for-the-year and the top places routinely ran hard over
1,000 miles.  One of the objections then was that few people had the
resources (time and money) to compete the 1,000+ miles necessary to
win a Championship.  Of course, that is still valid today.

Aside from any question of mileage requirements for any awards
program, people don't "ruin horses" accumulating miles.  Quite the
opposite, if you need to complete a lot of miles you *MUST* take good
care of your horse.  When today's ride is all that counts you can take
risks  you dare not take when you've got to ride again tomorrow, or
next week.

Horses are ruined by being asked to do more than they are able,
whether that be miles or speed.  And speed does a lot more damage, a
lot more quickly.


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