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Hold times

Mary in Oregon here,   I agree with Martha that the 2 30 min holds and one 15 min hold isn't the best way to go. The ride Martha and I were at last weekend had this setup.  The 1st loup was about 16 miles, then a 30 min hold, 2nd loup a little shorter, another 30 min hold, 3rd loup shorter yet and 15 min after that one, and then about a 10 mile loup to finish. I had no crew, was camped on the far end of camp, and felt like I was just getting to my trailer and having to leave right away.  If my horse has all the hay he wants overnight he isn't hungry until about 35 miles, and 16 or even 25 miles hasn't made him tired either. I fix him a bran mash so he will eat something. Otherwise he just stands through the first one, or figits and doesn't rest at all, depending on nearby activity. Later in the ride we had the 15 minute hold, at about 40 miles, and he was hungry then but there was no time to eat more than just a few bites.  Next time I will say something at the ride info meeting. I'd prefer in this 4 loup case to have a stop and go, and then a 45min hold, then 30min  more after about 40 miles. Same total as 2 30's and a 15 but more useful to the horse and rider too I think. Any more input from those of you who went to Hell's Canyon? Actually I prefer longer loups so my horse doesn't have to leave camp so many times. My favorite setup is one 50 mile loup, it takes more planning and thinking, but the horse is done when he gets back, or if I'm doing a 100 he only has to leave twice.

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