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Re: arthritis

You might wish to do x-rays and make sure you are dealing with
arthritis and not a bone chip or something.

If you are dealing with arthritis, you should see good results
with the usual therapeutics.  Something like:

1) Series of 3 IV Legend injections a week apart.

2) Start horse on an oral Glucosamine (GAGS) / Condriotin (CS)
supplement immediately and give daily from here on.  Either
buy them seperately and give both, or buy a supplement that
has both in it (even thought it's not on the label... ie,
"Perna Mussel and Glucosamine" is equivilent to having both
GAGS and CS.  Follow the instructions on the label, but don't
over feed since these are too expensive to waste.

... side note, has anyone tried the oral liquids yet?

3) Consider giving horse an IM injection of Adequan once a month
yourself if you can get the vial from your vet at a doable

If your horse was not in an endurance competition he / she
would also benefit from adding MSM and perhaps Yucca to
the supplement schedule.  However, while CS and GAGS are
allowable substances, MSM and yucca are not and would test.

An initial schedule of bute is not out of the question for
an accute lameness just to get the inflamation down, but make
sure to stop the bute well before your next AERC ride.

Anyways, that's my standard arthritis treatment understanding.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.  I have
been using CS and GAGS in my arthritic TB ex-racer for years
and he's definately much more lively.

:) - Kat Myers
in No. Cal. with Magnum the TB ex-racer
and Mr Maajistic... aka Fire Mt. Weasel

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