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Best condition

Paul & I have always thought that Best Condition awards are not highly
enough rated.  In our competitive culture, that's understandable.
Someone who gets over the finish line first does seem more like a
"winner" than someone who comes in later on (but with a horse in better

I really think that BC should get more glory - but how?  Seems to me
that there's another thing you can count on in our culture - that is,
where the money is, glory will follow.  For some time now I've chewed on
the idea of somehow pouring money into a BC fund, to finance awards for
BC winners, certainly at the national level, hopefully at the regional
level, and maybe even broader scoped than that.  It would be one thing
that could be done to really egg on competition but not at the horse's
expense!  Horses won't die or suffer for this award!  It would improve
our sport in a way that other National Championships can't.

I'm not sure how it would work, and I haven't won the lottery yet to
finance it, but I keep thinking about it.  Lif

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