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Re: kickers

A red ribbon in a horses/mules tail means STAY BACK A SAFE DISTANCE OR YOU
MAY GET HURT.  I personally like a rider that lets me know that their horse
may not be too safe to be close to.  I always  put red in the tail of a
horse/mule that may be new to riding in groups.  The animal may never have
kicked in its entire life, but in a group situation may take offense to
being crowded by strangers.  My appy mare kicked twice at people smashing
into her.  One trying to pass  in a narrow gorge (one at a time type of
place)  and  another that was using my horse as brakes for her horse.  Both
situations the  people ignored the red in her tail.  The red was huge and
couldnt be missed.  I think that ride management should remind everyone, not
just nubies to respect red in a horses tail.  Maybe just a mention during
the ride meeting.  Red may mean hazardous to the health of you and your
steed.  Tell the rider on the "red tailed horse" that you need by and is it
o.k. to do so.  A few seconds of patience  and some common sense may mean
the difference of  a completion or not. I have had a rider run up the  back
of my mule and literally yank both of her hind shoes off.  Ask me if I was
mad!!!!!!  That rider could have ended our entire season had her horse
injured my mules  rear legs.  A short discussion regarding trail manners and
safety wouldnt be such a bad thing at each ride meeting.  That is my 2 cents
worth.  gesa
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Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 10:17 PM
Subject: RC: kickers

>I agree with allthe posts about kicking horses, BUT, I beleave that allyou
>that put a red ribbon in your horses tail just to keep riders back from
>horse are doing a disservisc to all the horses that realy do kick.  Pritty
>all the riders will put a red ribbon in there horses tail and then where
will we
>be.  If on the other hand we all road with good since we would not need any
>Corky Young
> wrote:
>> I always put a red ribbon in my horses tails just to keep riders off
>> butts.  It amazes me how some riders must be colored blind and can't see
>> red.  I put a long streamer of red ribbon so it is very obvious.
>> I was on a ride coming into the finish on a very wide dirt road, towards
>> of pack so no excuse for racing, well this lady comes barreling up on my
>> horses tail with a red ribbon and runs into him, go figure, well anyway
>> doesn't really kick out, but does the warning slamming down of back foot.
>> got after him and then turned to lady and she had the nerve to say and I
>> quote "After 50 miles I thought he would be to tired to kick"!!!  Can you
>> believe that!!  She wasn't having a problem or anything and to this day I
>> not know why she did that.
>> I think sometimes a red ribbon in the tail means "the get as close as you
>> to see if horse really does kick."  "Seeing is believing kind of
>> Riders, PLEASE, be forewarned about red ribbons, they really are in the
>> for a reason, and riders if your horse does kick, please be honest with
>> yourself and put a red ribbon in the tail.  It doesn't mean your horse is
>> less then the non kickers just he needs a little extra more space.
>> Keri
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