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Re: Re: Stepping on nails...

Add some tea tree oil to the soak water.  Also squirt some tea tree oil and
some colloidal silver into the holes and wrap the foot to keep out any bad
critters.  We packed his foot with Dynamie miracle clay as a drawing agent,
then wrapped it. The colloidal silver and tea tree oil are available at your
local health food/vitamin store.  The tea tree oil  kills a wide varitey of
bacterias and the colloidal silver acts as natures antibiotic.   The miracle
clay is a Dynamite vitamin and speciaty product. I managed to save a gelding
that was to be put down because of the severe infection in his left front
foot.  He stepped on a nail and it wasnt discovered for at least a 24 hour
period.  He was given antibiotics orally (the owner couldnt give shots.  She
fainted.)  When the vet told her to put him down he was hope less,  his
owner came to me all hysterical and begged me to help her.  I am not a  vet.
She convinced me to try.  How could I say no.  In 6 weeks there was
absolutely no sign of infection.  The foot was deformed looking from the
swelling that had taked place.  We got the swelling under control in a few
days, but the damage had already been done before we started the soaks and
silver.  The swelling had stimulated his ringbone and it went crazy.  The
horse no longer had any sign of infection, however the ring bone was so
horrendous that the old guy had to be put down any way.    We tried our
best, it was just his time I   guess.     gesa
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>Hi: Infection is probably the most important thing to protect against RIGHT
>NOW, I don't know if it has been injected to prevent against tetanus or not
>but it should. At least part of the lameness can becoming from puss buildup
>inside the hoof. It is imperative that the wound be treated by flushing
>Beadine "No Sting as in pain" or Iodine as in a possibility of some pain
>during application" after treating, soaking in Epson Salts "may" assist in
>bringing down swelling or inflammation. You have not mentioned if there
>any EXIT HOLES from the nails if so as I have done in the past I use a
>squeeze bottle to push beadine or a diluted mix of iodine and water till it
>looked like "tea" and forced it though the holes made by the nails. Do not
>delay infection starts immediately, spraying cold water out of a hose will
>help cut down on heat buildup 15 minutes spray 15 minutes off will cause
>good circulation to remove the bad and bring in good antibodies. I would
>still consult a vet at least call one, if one does not reply on RideCamp.
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