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>Who has had experience with the "Four-point"
>or "Natural" shoeing...good or bad?
The farrier I was using started using the "four point"
shoeing and my gaited Rocky Mountain Horse started trotting.
I only bought my horse in January and the first time the
farrier did his feet they just looked regular, like most of
the other horses.  He was gaiting great.  Then the next 2
times the foot shape slowly changed, letting the heels down
a bit and squaring the toes.  I don't know if that's good
"four point" or bad, but after the second time my horse's
gait got really rough and he started trotting more and more.
He wasn't ever lame or sore though.  I found another farrier
who does a lot of gaited horses and after one shoeing my
horse is back to his smooth gait.  If my horse was supposed
to trot I might be OK with it.

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