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Note from Nick Warhol

Nick Warhol
Hi everyone- I must say I'm flattered by all the response I've gotten from the latest Tevis story, as well as the thing I sent that compared my horse to Warpaint the Appy.  I've been absent from Ridecamp for a while due mostly to work and the evolution of the Endurance mail list.  (I can remember when it was 10 people.)  I'll keep writing these ride stories as long as people like reading them.  Besides- the only thing I like better than writing about my horses is riding the things.

Stay tuned- Pan American story (from the Pacific South point of view) is coming.


Nick Warhol
Hayward, Ca.

Shatta the Arabian flyer, who is still recovering, but I get to ride him in 3 weeks.  I can't wait.

Rowan the 25 year old, who gets to go on a club overnight ride this weekend.  Talk about fun!

Warpaint the Wonder Appy, who isn't mine, but what the heck, I figure I can mention his name now since we have been through a lot lately.

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