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Re: Stepping on nails...

Hi: Infection is probably the most important thing to protect against RIGHT
NOW, I don't know if it has been injected to prevent against tetanus or not
but it should. At least part of the lameness can becoming from puss buildup
inside the hoof. It is imperative that the wound be treated by flushing with
Beadine "No Sting as in pain" or Iodine as in a possibility of some pain
during application" after treating, soaking in Epson Salts "may" assist in
bringing down swelling or inflammation. You have not mentioned if there were
any EXIT HOLES from the nails if so as I have done in the past I use a
squeeze bottle to push beadine or a diluted mix of iodine and water till it
looked like "tea" and forced it though the holes made by the nails. Do not
delay infection starts immediately, spraying cold water out of a hose will
help cut down on heat buildup 15 minutes spray 15 minutes off will cause
good circulation to remove the bad and bring in good antibodies. I would
still consult a vet at least call one, if one does not reply on RideCamp.

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