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More info on the now found missing PAC horse

I just talked with Brian Reeves about his now found horse Goofy.
He was found last night at about 7:45 PM CDT by Brian and 4
of the local people who were still out looking.  They were
about 6 miles from the basecamp and about 6 miles from where
he was lost.  It looks like he was heading back in the direction
of the basecamp.  They were following his tracks and Phil
Major and his son found him. He appeared to be heading for 
some of the fields to eat.

His only injury seems to be a cut under(on?) his right leg.
Possibly due to getting hung up on a stirrup - Brian thinks.
His saddle and most of the gear was still in place.  He only
lost some water bottles and his HRM.

Brian had a vet look at him last night and the head treatment
vet for the ride is looking at him now.  He seems mainly thirsty
and hungry.

Brian plans to head back for San Jose on Friday and is depending
on the vets view as to whether he should leave him there to
recover or whether he would be better at home.

The local people have put out at terrific effort to find him.
They treated this as if it were their own horse that was lost.
Brian plans to write the story up when he returns.

A happy conclusion to the missing horse saga.


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