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Handheld heart rate transmitters

>They do some sort of sampling and averaging, don't they?
>   Anyhow, their use introduces the possibility of loose
electrodes, etc. I
>  really don't see how the use of an intelligent human is a
>               --CMNewell, DVM

How about that little hand-held monitor?  I haven't heard much
about them,
seems like just the thing for P&R persons.

Jackie Baker


Our club, Texas Arabian Distance Riders Association bought 3 of the hand 
held heart rate transmitters two years ago, thinking that this would help us 
in our P/R checks at Frigid Digit and Texas Bluebonnet Classic rides. Didn't 
really work too good. At the winter ride we needed to keep a liberal coating 
of gel on the transmitter to get them to work at all and at the spring ride, 
if the horse was really sweated up, they worked, kinda'. My conclusion is 
that they are not suited for P/R at rides, there is a lag and averaging 
phase which slows things down somewhat. This is not intended to knock the 
product, I'm sure there are many ways this product can be usefull, but 
didn't work out as a control check device during the rides.

Eddie Spurgeon
Manager, Texas Bluebonnet Classic

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