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Update on Trail Loss>Auburn,Cool, Pilot Hill, Northern CA.

Morning: The meeting that was held at the offices of the Georgetown Utility District about its proposal that all who had a desire to enter or us its lands first had to obtain permission and be supervised by staff.
The post which I have sent out at approximately 5:02 P. M. on Aug. 10, 1999 stated exactly what occurred. If anyone wish's a copy please E-Mail me.
The District is also accepting written responses that may go into the proposed Ordinance. I shall be meeting with staff to iron out some of the verbiage that is still vague.
The District is desirous of enacting the Ordinance at active JOB sites only with this proposed Ordinance. The District responded very quickly in response to all of the phone calls and faxes which they received from the PUBLIC>(you). This incident because of the overwhelming response by you has provided a VERY POSITIVE out come.
I again thank all that participated both as individuals and as organized clubs, the meeting room was overflowing with these  member that were participating in the process. YES the PUBLIC can make a big difference.
Again: Thank You to All, I shall provide the proposed Ordinance to any one that request it and prior to any adoption by the GDPUD board. I shall post it to ridecamp and any other site that request this post.  steven proe

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