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Re: Toyota T-100

Hi Ed,

The only time I looked at a Toyota T-100 a couple
years ago they only had a V6 and were rated to pull
a paultry 2000 lbs.  That's not a vehicle for towing
horses.  I put it down to US tarifs from the 3 big
auto makers keeping Toyota from releasing a full size
truck with an engine big enough to actually do anything.

Rumor has it that there are new developments for the
year 2000... Toyota has released the "Tundra" which
does come with a V8.  It's a small 4.7L V8 but sports
a double overhead cam and 32 valves which boost the
horsepower to 245.  I'm looking at the towing specs
and they're not there for the V8.  I don't know what
that means.  The gas mileage is good though.  :)

This is a 1/2 ton pickup which is in my humble opinion
too light to really be a horse hauling vehicle.  I'm
looking at the Sierra's from here. But even on the east
coast I'd still like to see the HD cooling / suspension,
etc. when dealing with horses.

In comparison if I were to purchase a Chevy/GMC, Ford,
or Dodge at this point I'd be looking at the 3/4 ton
with either the diesel or V10 engine anyways, which
puts the Toyota Tundra on my "too small to do it" list.
On the other hand, I'd rather see someone towing with
a V8 Tundra than a mid size SUV... Jeep Cherokee, Jimmy,
or Durango.  While the towing numbers appear to be there,
the wheelbase and tow vehicle weight on the midsize SUVs
is not.  Atleast the Tundra has some wheelbase.  What's
amazing to me is by the time you pay for a midsized SUV
you may as well just go ahead and buy a real truck.

Anyways, the T-100 is not a tow vehicle.  And by the time
you spend the money on a Tundra, you could get a bigger
truck more fitted to do the job.  Hope some of this helps.

:) - Kat Myers
in No. Cal. with Magnum the TB ex-racer
and Mr Maajistic... resident endurance Arab
ps... and when I found out how an automatic tranny works
I found out why they overheat and melt down and definately
decided I'll go with a manual.

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