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Re: RC: Stubben Survival saddle for sale

To the person that posted this on Ridecamp on 7/15/99:
I have retuned email with this address below:
<<jackie clark
I have a new horse and my Stubben Survival saddle 32 cm is too wide for him.  
I'll be buying a new saddle and would like =
to sell the old one.  it is in excellent condition, 32 cm tree, 17.5 seat, 
all new billets, and very comfortable.  I,m no=
t sure what to ask for my saddle, so I will consider offers.  I'm in 
Virginia, and we can talk about shipping it, which s=
hould not be a problem.  I'll be looking for responses by way of email. >>

Did you sell your saddle?  We buy Stubbens for our clients.  We all use 
Stubbens.  I've use only 2 Stubbens for the last 23 years of riding 
endurance.  If you have not sold it please let me know.  I've been buying 
them used for around $800. each. plus shipping, cost is about $30.00.
Let me know,
Tammy Robinson
TRAIL-RITE Ranch & Products

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