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About corrections on PAC


Thanks for clarification on the 20 minute loss by Christie.  It makes sense.

I had published a correction about 1 PM  on Sunday on the 
Sandy Skinner error.  We had a problem with the database 
and I reported it wrong.  Things were getting a little 
fast and we were all tired late in the day on Saturday.

Overall there were 4 horses pulled at the end.  Butler, Skinner,
Winder, and Wade. Tough to get there and not make it. 

Mike Maul

>Subject:  Quick Commentary on the final results
        Date:  Sun, 08 Aug 1999 12:53:09 -0700
       From: "Michael K. Maul" <>

Another correction - from the final statistics - while Sandy
Skinner was pulled at the finish - she was not the first over
the finish line as I had reported earlier.  She had a ride
time of 10:50 compared to the winners 9:32.  The earlier data 
sheets were way off on this.

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