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Re: RC: Pan Am BC--Penalty

Howard, You are close on your deffinition.  What is so silly about the
entire penality is that, and we have all been there, you can take a horse
into the check box, and have its pulse down.  All of a sudden, bingo, its
up.  You look around and you as a human cannot detect what has your horse
going goofy.  And for this you should be the happy recipient of a penality?
At the most, all one should be asked to do is to walk the horse out and
around and bring it back in for a re check.  What is not being asked is why
the penality in the first place?  Racing at that level is tough enough
without adding insult to injury. AERC International and FEI have a long way
to go to get thier houses in order.  Added rules, not racing by weight
divisions, no written selection criteria, and the closed club attitude to
name a few are changes needed for  International racing. Do we have the
leadership in the U.S. to see that the changes are made?  Dosen't look like
it to me, but then I'm not in the club. Jerry
Hickory Ridge Arabians web page:

On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, wrote...
>How does one come up with a 61 pulse rate in a 15 second check?  Doesn't that 
>come out to 15 & 1/4 beats?  Where does that quarter come from?  Must have 
>been a Music Teacher who took the pulse.
>Does FEI stand for Foreign Endurance Idiots?  Uh-oh, shouldn't have said that 
>probably.  Doesn't matter, I'm only allowed to ride in the South anyway.  Got 
>sweet Georgia on my mind; two weeks and two days.  Angie, you still gonna 
>camp next to me?  I don't think April is gonna make it.
>still a Rookie,
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