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Re: RC: Pan Am BC--Penalty

>The Pulser who took Tang's pulse is an experienced endurance 
>rider/crew>person. She took the pulse for 15 seconds, and when it was
slightly>over, went on for a full minute to determine the exact pulse.

Yeah, I caught the part of the post earlier that said they took it for a
full minute.  I'm glad she had experience so she won't wonder.  I'd have
died if I'd had that sort of responsibility at the ROC.

I don't know either rider.  Don't want to think any mistakes were made. 
My original post was that I dislike the big penalty, not that the
pulsetaker made a mistake.  I think the big penalty is rediculous.  But
as long as we were on the subject, I was almost certain that at least at
the North American when I was there, they said it was automatic that a
vet would be called before the penalty was inforced.


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