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Re: RC: kicking

Thank you, Christy, for expressing the viewpoint of a responsible rider with 
a kicker.  My response to Bob is just like the kids and drugs--Just Say NO!  
The savvy rider is aware if they have a horse prone to kicking, and also 
should be sufficiently "in tune" to feel what is coming.  Yes, Bob, even the 
nicest horse may kick if sufficiently insulted--read forcefully run into.  
And in those instances, yes, the victim should take the major portion of the 
blame.  But I've observed a number of horses who will literally cut a swath, 
going after horses that are more than Bob's "standard horse length" away, 
while the rider makes excuses that the horse is just doing what comes 
naturally.  If you buy the BS that THOSE incidents are the victims' faults, 
then let's see about some oceanfront property in Reno...


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