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Re: RC: Kickers

At 01:43 PM 8/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I worked as a vet recorder at a ride earlier this year where one horse
>created a real danger at VC's ...
>The rider warned the vet at pre-check that this mare didn't like to have
>her rear end messed with. ... There was some discussion among the vets
about DQ'ing this
>horse/rider team

	I once had to eliminate a mare at a check on a CTR, because she was
inverted, and under the rules , all inverted horses needed to have
temeprature checked. Mare would absolutely not allow me to get near her
with a thermometer. Rider said "She's like that at home, too".
	Rider was a bit put out, but I told her that training included such things
as permitting examination. 
	My saintly recorder, Bill Perry, was kind enough to take the woman aside
while she waited for the trailer, and explain to her step-by-step, how to
do it.
	The older and slower I get, the more seriously I think about invoking the
5 point behavior penalty I'm allowed under ECTRA rules...(competitiors be
forewarned <G>)
				--CMNewell, DVM

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