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RE: Cause and Effect, horse accidents happen

It is interesting that you titled the message as cause and effect. Realize
that your horse kicking is not just some "out of the air, whim" it is in
reaction of the interplay between the TWO  horses involved and based on
senses that you cannot recognize.

Your horse was kicking in the normal manner of one provoked, i.e. to give a
warning by just missing the provoking horse's shoulder. Sadly to say that is
where the rides knee most likely will be at the time.

NOW,  are you to punish your horse when provoked by another? Yes, it is fine
to say you should turn the other cheek but that is for humans. Animals do
not react in such a manner!

Then there is the thought, why was your friend that close to your horse.
Courtesy demands at least  one horse length between horses. Perhaps there
was a very good reason for your horse to kick in warning. Again, sorry
friend, but you were endangering both your self and the rider in front of
you.  I feel, having been there myself many times, that the blame should be
placed on the party that causes the action. NO PROXIMITY NO INJURY!

To often the horse in front is blamed and the rider is caught up in the
controversy when the person who caused the problem, while injured, gets the
sympathy while also they should be getting the blame.

I am ready to defend this position with equine psychology, actual experience
and anecdotal evidence. Any one want to dispute or flame me go to it.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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             I agree with your post. My horse was the cause of an accident
with a friend of mine. My horse kicked out at her horse, and kicked her
instead, she had a knee injury and needed stitches. I was very sorry about
this and apologized for my horse. I also have been working hard to
this behavior in my young alpha horse.
My point is, that it was an accident and accidents happen. My friend will no
longer ride with me if I am riding this horse. I have been riding and
competing for 9 years and have never had anything like this happen, and I
hope it never happens again.

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