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Re: RC: RE: Cause and Effect, horse accidents happen

Sorry to disappoint you Bob, but I agree!  You can't be hurt by someone
else's horse if you aren't near it (well, maybe Debby is an exception to
the rule).  Paul's mare has always been a kicker (even at 26 she'll let
fly sometimes) and Paul always had to "micro-manage" her to make sure
she never hurt anyone.  But sometimes people just wouldn't listen -
would crowd on the trail in spite of everything Paul said (and the
ribbon on the mare's tail implied).  So, sometimes the mare would haul
off and kick, and once she got a guy in the knee.  No major damage, but
our mare and Paul were blamed even though there was lots of room on the
trail to go around, and the guy was the victim who got the sympathy even
though had been warned several times.  Go figure.  Lif

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