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Re: RC: life after ty-up

>etent but doesn't have endurance experience.  He tells me I could put 
>him on baking soda and start getting on him for 

Hmmm, check the archives first.  I could have sworn someone said baking
soda was counterproductive.

We had one horse at our barn tye up.  I can't remember how long we laid
him off (one month?) but do remember I was far more careful to see that
he got his full share of hay (he'd had bad hay the night before tye up
and hadn't eaten it)   I read something about how the hay in gut helps.

Since he showed a problem with tying up we NEVER put him up the night
before riding.  He is walked AT LEAST 15 min. before trotting...and then
it's best to walk/trot awhile.  He tyed up bad after a full 15 min.
warmup once.  After his first episode of tying up, he did it 2 more
times.  He never had discolored urine, but locked up so tight he couldn't
even drag a rear toe.  Just a note, his pulse was 32 the whole time he
couldn't move and he was eating all the grass he could reach just as
happy as could be.

When we haul to a ride, we treat the trailer ride like being stalled all
day.  Cut grain in half and LOTS of warmup afterwards.

Walking warmup has to be done on flat.  He was warmed up by walking the
first 15 min. of trail which was uphill once and tyed up at a walk.

He stays in a corral at rides.  I wouldn't want to leave him tied all

This horse had his tye-ups in about 1995 & 1996.  Once we learned how to
manage him he had no more problems.  He recently did his first 100.

You'll find there's more than one type of tye-up.  This horse had the "at
the beginning of exercise" type.  It's strange to me when I hear that
Jedi suffered a mild tye-up a week before the World Championship.  That's
apparently a different sort and should probably be handled
differently....and then there's the ones who do it well into a race...

By the way, I do all these "preventative" measures with Kaboot now simply
because I am totally paranoid and don't want a *first* tye-up.

Angie McGhee & Kaboot
Wildwood, GA

I would not change my horse with any that treads.  When I bestride him I
soar; I am a hawk.

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